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FOIA Analyst

Washington, DC · Science/Research

Job Description

FOIA Analyst
The selected candidate will be a part of a team that provides FOIA and Privacy Act (PA) processing and internal/external consulting services in support of the IPS offices' administration of the FOIA and PA. The candidate will assist the IPS program offices with, among other things, reviewing incoming FOIA requests, orchestrating the processing of highly complex FOIA requests, assisting the FOIA Officer in preparing the IPS's quarterly, annual and executive level FOIA/PA reports, assisting with the development and periodic updates of FOIA program office's strategic plans, recommending actions that may be necessary to comply with evolving disclosure laws and procedures, keeping the FOIA Officer apprised of the status of each FOIA/PA request, and researching FOIA issues as needed.
  • Implement statutory and policy directives in favor of disclosure while protecting, under one or more of the nine FOIA exemptions and/or Privacy Act exemptions, information the release of which could cause foreseeable harm to national security or other interests or violate statutory requirements.
  • Effectively communicate with Department personnel, external points of contact, and the public at large regarding clarification of requests that will facilitate the production and processing of responsive material.
  • Generate correspondence directed to requesters, internal points of contact, other federal government agencies, and foreign governments.
  • Apply expertise in foreign policy and national security issues, as well as knowledge of the functioning and organization of the Department of State and its overseas posts and missions in the application of the FOIA, Privacy Act, current Executive Orders, and other information programs.
  • Diligently and accurately review and process cases in a timely fashion, recognizing the great volume of complex and sensitive records subject to review. On average, review approximately 1,000 pages per month.
  • Respond to high priority, time sensitive requests from other government agencies.
  • Collaborate with other staff numbers, including division chiefs, branch chiefs, team leaders, analysts and Department contacts to help ensure that the overall effort promotes the best interests of IPS and the Department.
  • Develop and maintain proficiency in the use of guidance and reference material, both substantive and procedural.
  • As part of a team effort, ensure that all paper work and entries into the case tracking system are accurate, complete and conform to the quality standards of the Department.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings to resolve operational problems and to establish/modify reviewer procedures.
  • Possess extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office and maintain computer literacy and proficiency on the case management and redaction software system utilized by the Department.
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.in the areas of Political Science, Foreign Affairs, International Affairs/Relations, History, Law or related fields of study, and/or a Juris Doctor degree (with experience working in and/or demonstrated expertise in foreign affairs or national security highly preferred).
Must have TS clearance/ability to obtain SCI
  • Demonstrated experience in the areas of foreign policy, diplomacy, foreign aid, or national security highly preferred.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of E.O. 13526, the FOIA, the Privacy Act, and other information access programs.
  • Experience working on FOIA appeals and/or FOIA litigation cases highly desirable including work on declarations, Vaughn indices, and preparing documents for FOIA litigation filings.
  • Key qualities for this position include strong analytical skills; knowledge of all 9 FOIA exemptions, with prior withholding experience under Exemptions 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7; and the ability and willingness to pay outstanding attention to detail. Previous experience assisting with agency FOIA reporting and other metrics are a plus.
Job Type: Full-time
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